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The purpose of interior vehicle lights is to illuminate the cabin of the vehicle at night to help you see better and find items. They allow you to see important things inside the vehicle such as a road map, making sure that you grab the hot coffee cup correctly so it does not spill, finding that stubborn piece of paper that fell between the seats, and much more. Some vehicles utilize multiple interior lights to stolpskyltar provide light and some only use one or two inside the car; an example would be the BMW 7-series sedan or a SUV or van versus a two-seater coupe such as a Nissan 350z or Honda S2000. Incandescent halogen bulbs are typically used in these applications and serve their purpose well. Certain luxury brands such as Acura and Lexus have factory LED interior lights which are much brighter and attractive to the eye than halogen bulbs are; since not every vehicle has this luxury, replacement LED lights are available for the interior lights.

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