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Test A Progression System On Albion Online

How can you properly test a progression system when you suddenly vaulted a huge number of players ahead in the system? All of the data gathered past yesterday is basically going to be inaccurate because of that. My guys can refine T8 without ever even gathering a single T6 or T7 material.
What about the new LP numbers? Are people still going to be gated by LP? It's impossible to tell because someone who dropped 100-200-300 LP by buy Albion Online Gold yesterday vastly overpaid for something today and is now behind 5, 10 or 15 days of LP regeneration.

So if the concern is data that's accurate, without a wipe, that'll never be.However I do agree if they do wipe, a lot of people probably will end up not coming back if they've quit because they'd have to start all over again.
That was the #1 player in the game leaving permanently, not because she didn't like the game but because the changes were so horrid that she lost faith in the developers. I asked if she'd return if they reverted the changes or at least for release and she said "not if it stays like this" and "even if they change it back they'll do this again, I don't trust them anymore".
Overly dramatic? To you perhaps, but there are a lot of us who truly care about the game and sacrifice a LOT of our time in Albion Mall to try to improve it and offer our feedback.

The suggestions HAVE been put out there, we've made out voices heard. Even directly to the devs through people who have direct contact with them.
These are "elite" players who didn't just buy their way into the beta but have been playing throughout all the alphas as some of the best and most dedicated players in all aspects of the game.

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