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The Best Reasons to Visit Monterrey, Mexico

The city of Monterrey is one of the largest in Mexico and is the capital city of Nuevo Leon, which is the country's industrial hub. The city is divided into two distinct parts. The traffic, pollution, and wealth characterize the modern city whereas; the old city still speaks volumes of the country's colonial past. This is what makes Monterrey the city of contradictions. Add to that, the picturesque setting of the Saddle Mountain and there you have it, the perfect vacation spot! Click  this site: http://www.bestonamusementequipment.com/ to know Beston company.

Monterrey is bestowed with tourism attractions for people of all ages. If you are travelling with children then the first place you should visit is the Sesame Street Amusement Park. Teeming with rides and various other attractions from the popular children's show Sesame Street, this park is the Mexican Disneyland for children of all ages. The park also consists of an extended water park, which will provide you (and the children) with a much needed respite from the sweltering Mexican heat. Look out for the Big Bird or the Cookie Monster. You are sure to have a great laugh!

If you are more of an art lover then you must definitely visit the Cintermex Convention Center. This is one of Mexico's leading exhibition spots and plays host to many of its largest and most popular events. Many art exhibitions, dance recitals, fashion shows, and book fairs take place here periodically which makes this the perfect hangout for a connoisseur of the arts. Your next Monterrey destination should be the Gran Plaza or Macroplaza. This plaza is probably the city's biggest attraction and is the largest of its kind in the country. It is basically a large complex that houses many restaurants, shopping, hotels etc and is surrounded by buildings of historical importance. The magnificent Government Palace and happening casinos are also in this area. Check out this link: http://bestonamusementequipment.com/carousel-for-sale/ to know Beston ocean themed spinning carousel ride prices,

Next stop is the planetarium. The planetarium in Monterrey is an attraction for parents and children alike. It is an opportunity for the entire family to get a fun astronomy lesson. Learn about the constellations and comets in a way you have never learnt before. You can also have a hands-on experience in observing space if you visit the museum. The instruments there will allow you to watch and admire the stars yourself.

After admiring the stars though, it is time to admire nature at the Monterrey National Park. This park is deeply embedded within the history of Monterrey. It is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and some exquisite rock formations that will leave you breathless. The most visited area here is the Parque Ecologico Chipinque. This area is nestled within the mountain peaks and lies on the southern part of the Colonia Del Valle. It offers many interesting getaways like hiking and biking trails, trekking paths, and many opportunities for adventure sports. It is also a bird watcher's delight and those interested in photography must come armed with their cameras. Apart from that, the park itself is a 10-mile vertical climb from central Monterrey and is dotted with many beautiful rock structures and formations.

It is believed in many cultures that any experience should be ended as it was begun. For your Monterrey trip too, it is suggested that you do the same. If you have started with the Sesame Street amusement park, then end the trip with Magic Forest Theme Park. This park is located very close to the zoo (so you can make q quick trip there too) and is home to a ferocious roller coaster along with about thirty different rides. These rides will give your roller coaster journey in Monterrey a befitting end.

Monterrey is a city for everybody. It has something for everyone and some form of everything. Visit Monterrey and leave amazed!

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