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The Former Having A Differen On MapleStory

I'll see if I can get some drawings done over the weekend. I want to keep my art traditional (I'm loving working with pencils and whatnot--I normally don't get a chance to), and I don't have time for traditional art on the weekdays right now due to working on a cosplay. Digital wouldn't be as much of an issue, but like I said, I want to stick to traditional for these.

Just letting you all know that I'm still here, and still going to draw your characters. . I've been busy with making a cosplay right now, and it eats up all the time I would spend on traditional art, so MapleStory Mesos are slow right now. I'm just about done with the top half of my cosplay right now (I just need to create sleeves, then sew both halves together), but I still suspect it'll be at least another couple weeks before I can work on any offline art again. 

Just out of curiosity, do any of you mind if I do your pic as a CG? Computer time is separate from cosplay time, so I would have time to do that.

Crap crap crap, sorry, these are good, but oh god I kinda feel bad now... I did wonder why there was that little green check mark on this thread...Also I went back through and noticed that the images I had posted for your reference were gone, presumably because I had cleaned out my imjur of all the images I don't really see reason to keep.

Thanks so much for your nice words. I am seriously thrilled that you like it so much--it just seems to be such a long time since I've heard anything so nice be said about my art. . (I remember some nice comments here, but I still think it's been awhile).
And I dunno, I thought it did match enough personally. You do have the green gloves, shoes, and the little bit of green on the hat that go together and with the cape by Cheap MapleStory Mesos, and the black just goes with pretty much anything. It worked enough. XD. I have seen WAY worse than yours with pieces being mismatched. I haven't seen it as much on the forums as in game, but there are some players I see and wonder why they ever would think that would look good. (and some are intentional, because they were using cash items.

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