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Forgive me if it sounds like im rubbing it in, that's not the intention. Also I totally understand that this is/was confusing, because we didn't know what was going to happen. I'm not blaming you or anybody else that thought this wasn't getting fixed and spent their coins by Cheap MapleStory Mesos , im just saying that its good advice to wait until the shop is going away before spending the coins. Also like, if i say im optimistic about something getting fixed that probably means it will be fixed but i cant flat-out say that because if im wrong (or things change at the last minute) I am giving people false hope and will be in trouble *nervous laugh* 

We can always hope this event returns next year, honestly I am kinda over happyville anyways (bring back the Ice chair please). I wouldn't mind this event running again, I really enjoyed it.See? That's what I meant. It's not "my fault because I wasted the coins". The problem is Nexon screwed up the event from the very beginning. Heck! Even the Android wasn't for sale in the store until like Dec. 20 or something.
And then they didn't even tell us that the Master Santa medal was required to buy it. You know how mad I was when I farmed all those freaking coins for days and then tried to buy it, just to find out I couldn't? And some stupid people here saying "Uh it was your fault because you wasted the coins. You should have save them for the last day." That's bull. 3k freaking coins. That was not easy. And Nexon NEVER SAID they would change the requirement. They NEVER said this was unintended. So that's why I used the coins in something else and gave up. But then out of nowhere they come and change it. Thank for screwing up players again.
But consider the amount of people QQing about the sizzling santa requirement for the android purchase, they may have said nothing (because holidays), but they also didn't say that they will not change it. 3k coins may not be easy, then why did you just suddenly give up and spend it all other everything than trying to wait it out and see what happen (since those coins are so important to you). But that aside, let's be real here okay? If everyone QQ that they already spent their 3k coins on something else, what do you think they should do? reroll everything just so those people you gave up can have the android? What about the MapleStory Mesos who used the scrolls, hammers, chairs, transferred dmg skin? Or should they personally go into your individual accounts and reroll each and every account?

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