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That's pretty much how it is. The only thing we will likely see is the occasional special deals that have some perm NX. I think the kinesis was given some, right? Anyways, I don't so much mind expiring NX. Only thing I would like to see is some more variety for cosmetic NX covers in Reboot server's CS and a little balancing on the low/high costs of some things that make no sense.
The puzzling thing is this: if Reboot's income depends on Cash Shop cosmetics by

buy MapleStory Mesos , why is the selection thereof so pathetic? You'd expect there to be a huge variety of attractive things to encourage players to part with their money. But there isn't.

One thing we see in the normal servers is that most cosmetics are sold to people who already have cosmetics. And in permanent form. People buy more pets, more hair/face coupons (and slots for the Salon), more (permanent) outfits, simply because they think they look good and want to own them. When you buy a temp item, it feels wasteful to buy another one before the first one expires. But when you have a perm item that you can go back to whenever you want, you feel fine about buying another one for a different look or a different mood.
Yes, a few people will only buy

MapleStory Mesos and wear it forever on their one main character. But those are the sort of people who wouldn't buy any temp NX at all. 

The way Nexon has Reboot Cash Shop set right now, it's almost like they're setting it up to fail. Yes, everyone has to pay $10 for pet+skills, and another $10 a year in Water of Life. The attention seekers also buy smegas. But that's it. Old clothes, and temporary at that? Old ugly pets, and temporary too? Royal hair/face that you can't save because no salon slots? Just how do they expect a server to be profitable with such meager offerings?

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