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A city of rose-hued stone, cut out of Mount Hor's shake look by the Nabataeans in the third century BC, there is nothing else like Petra. In the event that it is not on your pail list as of now, it should be. We at Jordan Perfect Tours and Travel have made such possible by the Petra Tours from Amman that we organize.


As you read through you will understand the intricacies of having a day trip from Amman to Petra.

The best time to visit

Petra is a stiflingly sweltering spot in the stature of summer: best rather to go amid spring or fall (September to November). Temperatures at that point are wonderful and warm – around 18-25°C. We arrange our Petra Tours from Amman that you can easily book through online means.


Concerning the time of day to visit, in case you are especially decided to advance beyond the groups and run with the dawn at 5am. It implies you will get away from the warmth, and have the city about to yourself far from other day-trippers. In the event that you truly can't confront an early morning, touch base at 3pm to miss the most exceedingly bad of the late morning glare and stick around until dusk – the nature of light makes the stones gleam an unbelievable ruby shading. Our day trip from Amman to Petra will offer you the best of opportunities to do so.


The sites that you must not miss

During our Petra Tours from Amman we entering through the Siq is an emotional and fantastic approach to the old city. You turn out the opposite side of this entry at The Treasury; a stone cut sanctuary that is the most-captured some portion of the site because of its featuring job in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The following enormous activity is to climb up 822 stages cut out of the mountain to the Monastery building – its expansive, complicatedly cut façade and perspectives watching out over the encompassing valleys are dazzling. Different things to see incorporate the mainstays of the Hadrian Gate and the Cardo past it – a long road that was previously the antiquated city's principle lane.


The stone face holds the cut out tomb of Nabatean ruler Uneishu, and in addition, other fantastical tombs named the Obelisk, Urn and the Silk Tomb.

To have such an experience in Petra having comfort and affordability you need to call us at Jordan Perfect Tours and Travel dialing +1 330 828 1242.

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