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the start of training camp to go back to the stadium

"May sound a bit crazy, after won the cheap nike wholesale shoes gold medal, we feel bitter and sweet, but the fact is it," Paul said, "being able to feel very sweet gold medals hanging around his neck, but you thought that may not have had such an opportunity in the future, it's very hard ... ... I hate a few months later, teammates turned enemy. ”
Last season, luoshanjikuaichuan (micro-blogging) for wangkelisi have beep-Paul (micro-blogging), Chang signed a key West-Luppus, plus physical fitness popular Blake-Griffin (micro-blog), the great challenge Los Angeles Lakers (micro-blogging) in Los Angeles trends. With Paul and the existence of Griffin, Clippers and indeed have made a breakthrough, another kill into the playoffs and reached the Western semi-final. However in the summer of this year, Griffin and Paul have had surgery, than Luppus figure is still not fully recovered. ESPN news shows, this trio's return date has not been formally identified, Clippers next season the wholesale shoes nike prospect of another worry.

The day before yesterday, when he had formally accepted the right thumb surgery, when a message appears, he will miss the Club's pre-season training camp. Judging from the current situation, if all goes well, Paul also had to wait until the opening to formal training. The other hand, because of a knee problem Miss Griffin for the London Olympics and now time for the comeback nike wholesale shoes has not subject. Known message display, Griffin may at least want to wait until after the start of training camp to go back to the stadium.

In addition to the core of the two shoulder injuries in the body, spiritual leader of fast ferry when Billups now can go into action again is uncertain. Last season, than Luppus because Achilles played only 20 games, then remain in a dislocated ankle State. In the ESPN interview today, Luppus said he cannot be fully recovered until November, and the season has officially begun at that time, nike wholesale sneakers which means he probably will miss the Clippers next season a few games ago.

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