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The Worst Leveling Experiences In This Albion Online

Because of those reasons I feel stuck in the game. I can't afford to keep leveling my main weapon because it's way too expensive compared to others and I'll gonna drop it for someone in half a hour of farm. By the other hand, I can't level my off-spec (nature staff) because it is simply impossible to level it without a group (probably one of the worst leveling experiences in this game by buy Albion Online Gold. I can't understand how leveling with this weapon is so horribly bad for so long and nothing is done about it). So there am I, a 5.3/6.2 crossbow and 4.3 nature already without any interest in logging in.

Now, I get the whole "get in a group" and play argument, but besides those few moments in which I manage to do that there is simply nothing to log in for, and even then I can't see the fun in randomly zerging people. Looks like this game's activities resume to logging at night, getting in a group and zerging people. Besides that there are GvGs, which seem to be fun for structured guilds.

Don't get me wrong, I understand this is not a lone wolf game and that playing as a small group is possible, but I'm not in the level of doing 3vs11 battles and winning in the way a handful of groups are, and I shouldn't be expected to be in order to have something, anything, meaningful to do when I log-in. There should be some middle ground. I don't know, maybe I got old and logging on LOL and playing a competitive and balanced match became faster and easier. Either way sorry about the rant.

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