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The Zone Tamil Pdf Download >>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: The Zone

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller











































What would happen if there were a nuclear accident in Spain? This is what 'La zona', the Movistar + series, tells us about what happens to people who live inside the exclusion zone around a nuclear power plant where an incident has occurred. This crime genre fiction happens nowadays and takes place in the north of the country. Hector, played by Eduard Fernández, begins an investigation as a result of a crime in the exclusion zone and will travel the universe from the terrible accident. The researcher has experienced the nuclear disaster in the first person. Hector was unharmed, but his son did not have the same luck, as he was demonstrating against nuclear power.
After a nuclear accident in the north of Spain, a vast exclusion zone was set up to contain the risk of radioactive propagation a series of murders leads Héctor, the police chief who survived the catastrophe, to embark on an investigation to find the culprit.
It have a magnificent cast and their acting is good enought, but this show leave me waitng for something more.

I don't know what it is but I know they can give more than they did.

They can do really a lot more good. This serie makes you dive in an athmosphere never created before: the post nuclear catastrophy in a corrupt country where the social inequality is the darkest side. I put 10 because is perfect.


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