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they may be physically aggressive in their play

When children first begin to use a regular swing (not a baby or bucket swing), they may need help getting onto the outdoor kangaroo jumping rides  swing and to be pushed. Early on some children may prefer a lower height swing so their feet can touch the ground. As a child’s strength, balance and confidence improves, he/she will be able to lift themselves onto the swing and coordinate balance with the movements of legs and arms to maintain momentum once provided with a start push at around 3 to 4.5 years old (Teaford, 2010). The child will then develop the ability to actually start the swinging motion independently. Children’s skills on the swing will advance even further to coordinate fluid pumping action on the swing and reach higher heights and perhaps even jumping from the swing while in motion or standing on the swing (Playground Professionals, 2016).

Running and tagging games advance at 5-7 years old with children developing advanced locomotor skills and switching between slow and fast movements while traveling. Children will be able to maintain their balance while moving quickly during chasing and tagging games. dragon coaster for kids for sale  Jumping skills also continue to develop allowing children to jump over objects without falling and may even coordinate jumping over a rope turned by others. Locomotor skills such as hopping, galloping, sliding and skipping continue to develop.

From 7-8 years old, children exhibit advanced running, skipping, hopping, galloping and sliding and are able to travel at different speeds with ease. A mature, adult form in walking and running develops. Children participate in partner games traveling in front of, behind or next to a friend. They can run well in straight, curved and zig-zag pathways including going under, outdoor samba balloon for sale  around and through obstacles. Spatial awareness improves allowing the children to move in all directions without bumping into others.

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