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Things You Need To Know Before You Take Your Wonderlic Test

Did You simply find out you have to take a Wonderlic Test? If this is so, you arrived at the perfect place. You Are not alone in stressing about your Wonderlic Test. Inform Me if this is the way the set of events created for you:

  • You are attempting to find a new task and find the PERFECT career opportunity. This task is one which you would really like to perform and you're more than qualified to perform it.
  • You apply. Your resume is great. Your testimonials are in order. You prepare to get an in-person interview and sense nervous but confident.
  • The recruiter contacts you. They love your resume and invite you into the office for a meeting -- yay!
  • This recruiter provides you an interview schedule and at the peak of this program is"Wonderlic Test". You read this article and go..."wait...a check!? However, I have been out of school for several decades! What the hell is a Wonderlic test"?

 If This describes the situation you're in,'' don't stress. You are not alone. That is the specific story I hear several times each day.


Let's Walk through all the most significant things you need to understand about your upcoming Wonderlic test collectively.

  1. What's the Wonderlic exam?

Just Put, the Wonderlic test is easily the most common pre-employment cognitive ability evaluation.

Hiring is A very difficult (and expensive) item for companies to do so that they occasionally search for methods to swiftly eliminate applicants. The Wonderlic test is a fast exam which allows companies to make immediate conclusions on whether to hire someone or not.

The evaluation Is called"the Wonderlic" because that's the title of the business that produces the exam (Wonderlic, Inc.).

One thing You should note is that Wonderlic, Inc creates a whole lot of unique forms of Wonderlic evaluations. You may have come across this if you Googled"Wonderlic" and saw there is a WoWonderlic Basic Skillst, you will find Wonderlic Personality Tests, etc..

As a Rule, whenever you hear just"Wonderlic test" this describes this Wonderlic Personnel Test (which is also sometimes referred to as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test). Here is definitely the most common pre-employment exam and the evaluation we're talking about in this report. If you're not certain that Wonderlic test you're taking, check out this post: What Wonderlic Test Am I Taking?

There's You don't have to become overwhelmed by the number of variants of Wonderlic tests you will find. In the event you were told you are taking a"Wonderlic Test" then it's that the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R).

  1. What does the Wonderlic TestTest?asure?


The Wonderlic test is very similar to an IQ test. Wonderlic, Inc describes the Wonderlic test in this way:


Ability, widely recognized as being one of their only greatest predictors of job success. It will help measure a candidate's ability to comprehend instructions, learn, adaptand solve problems and handle the psychological demands of the position."

Now, I Constantly tell people this since it is completely true: the Wonderlic test doesn't test how smart you are. It only tests whether you know the strategies you need so as to complete the test in time and maximize your score.


I have Seen exceptionally intelligent men and women perform very badly on the Wonderlic simply because they didn't know how to select the test. You ought to think of this Wonderlic as a game.

Should you Find out how to play the game and you practice, you may absolutely beat the evaluation.

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  1. Just how long is your Wonderlic Test?


The Wonderlic evaluation is 50 queries long. You're awarded 12 minutes to answer as many queries as possible.


There's Additionally a short version of the test that is sometimes administered to job applicants until they come back to take the complete exam.


This Short version is called the Wonderlic Personnel Test -- Quicktest (WPT-Q) and comprises all the same types of questions. The sole difference is that the test is 30 questions/8 minutes instead than 50 questions/12 minutes.

  1. What is on the Wonderlic Test?

The 50 Questions about the Wonderlic test are made up of four different types of questions. These classes are:

  1. General Facts & Quick Recognition

All these Include questions that require you to swiftly order datesand identify patterns and answer general knowledge questions.


All these Include deductive logic and spatial recognition questions.

  1. Verbal Reasoning


Verbal Reasoning questions include analogies, differentiating synosynonyms comparing proverbs.

  1. Word Issues


The Mathematical word problems on the Wonderlic test include questions requiring you to compute typical, ratio and percent.


There are Also operations with decimals as well as algebraic word problems.

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