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Tips For A Successful Bhutan Photography Tour

Bhutan is the dream destination for every photographer for all the right reasons. The stunning snow-covered Himalayan mountain range, distinctive architecture, unique tradition and festivals of the country make Bhutan every photographer's dream destination. A Bhutan photography tour is certainly the best way to explore the mystic land of beautiful mountains, gurgling rivers, rice fields, happy people and Buddhist monastic traditions. As you travel, you will also learn to take some mesmeric images of the country’s rolling mountains, old structures, people and the culture in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

If you are visiting for the first time to Bhutan, here are some photography tips that you may want to follow.

•As you’re planning your Bhutan trip let your tour operator know in advance that you’re keen in photography. They will definitely assist you to plan your itinerary & offer you advice regarding the most photographed sites in the country.

•Your tour guide can be a great resource & will probably have an idea about the best viewpoints & locations to capture the images you wish.

•Spring & fall are usually the most favorable time to visit Bhutan and photograph things. During this time period of the year, the climate remains mild & the country also hosts several major festivals that are worth photographing. Monsoon season in July & August is probably the time of the year you want to avoid if photography is your main motive.

•The majority of the Bhutanese (especially kids) is pretty friendly & love people taking their pictures. So, don’t be shy to ask.

•You can take pictures in most Dzongs & Lhakhangs besides in assembly halls or temples. You may have to leave your luggage outside prior to entering these areas.

•Most of the best photo views in Bhutan involve brief to moderately long treks. Be ready & in shape, especially since you may be at a higher altitude than you’re used to. (Thimphu is at 7700′, Phobjikha valley 9600′, and the Tiger’s Nest monastery is at 10200′).

•Bhutan is home to many poisonous snakes, like Cobras, so be cautious while ambling through fields & other rural areas for unique photographs.

•For a lot of people, the highlight of their Bhutan photography tour is attending the spiritual Tsechus which are carnivals that can last many days with accompanying music and dance. Usually, the Tsechu is pretty hectic early in the day with photographers jockeying for the best position. During the afternoon, the fight for the best photo spots reduces as many photographers have already gotten their portraits and break for the day.

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