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One way to enhance the untreated concrete present in your workshop, shed, garage and commercial setting is to use epoxy flooring. However, before opting for the concrete floor, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages. Also, you should get all your queries answered by the epoxy flooring contractors before you use it.

Disadvantages of the flooring:

The shine that is the result of epoxy fades away with wear. Sweeping the floor and maintaining it will keep the shine longer but it will eventually go away. Another disadvantage is that these floorings deteriorate quickly. The paint wears away fast and blemishing, bubbling and peeling occur soon after its application. Instead of using money to hire professionals, you can look for good epoxy flooring contractors.

Before you can apply epoxy, you will have to have all the cracks in your floor filled. However, with epoxy, the dirt on your floor will stand out. Floors coated with epoxy trap moisture beneath the surface. You can ask your epoxy flooring contractors to test your concrete before coating it with epoxy.

You should be mindful of the area where epoxy is used. Some fluids and chemicals can corrode the coating and cause bubbles. Be careful when you drive or park n a surface with epoxy for the tires might pull the flooring. Your epoxy flooring contractors can guide you more.

An amazing alternative:

A durable alternative is the polyurea flooring which also maintains a professional look. It can be applied throughout the year in any environment since it cures rapidly. In comparison to epoxy, polyurea flooring is more durable. Since the polyurea is versatile, it is suitable to be used in warehouses, garage floors, airports, kennels, basements, patios, hospitals etc.  

Advantages of polyurea:

Polyurea is resistant to contaminants such as oil and chemicals. Since it is used at an industrial scale, it is four times more resistant and durable than epoxy. It is also twice chemically resistant as epoxy. Also, the water vapor transmission rate is low with polyurea which helps in preventing damage to the floor related to water. Since polyurea is more flexible, it allows the natural movement of concrete that does not peel or crack.  

Polyurea is environment friendly which makes it a great choice for not only the indoors but it is also a good choice for gardens and patios as well. It is also resistant to UV rays which mean that the finishing will not fade with time like epoxy.

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