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Planning a wedding in India is no easy task. It involves endless jobs and constant checking to see if any minute detail has been missed out. From the most important guest to the maid in the kitchen, a wedding demands that they be satisfied. The sheer number of tasks makes the head spin. Arranging a wedding needs the energy of ten elephants. That is why wedding planners are so successful today. An ordinary person will have a breakdown when faced with the thought of satisfying even the minutest of details and he prefers to hand over this task to someone else.

The booking of a wedding hall, fixing a caterer, narrowing down on a wedding hall, the many purchases of jewellery and clothes, invitations, decorations, arranging lodging for those who attend the wedding, the actual inviting of people, the take away gifts etc. are few of the main tasks that have to be done for a wedding. Last minute disasters such as the caterer falling sick or the right kind of flowers not available and dealing with the florist are all nightmares that are not for the faint hearted. Wedding planners are shrewd people that have tie ups with all these caterers and florists and such other people involved in a wedding and mint money off hapless parents of the bride or groom. Generally, weddings are considered to be fun and that fact is true for everyone except the parents involved and the bride and the groom as they are constantly in the limelight and are required to take care of everything. All people who opt for extravagant weddings and simple ones face this problem. The strain of everything being perfect and the wedding taking off without a hitch truly requires a miracle and not many are ready to accept the great responsibility that accompanies weddings. Hire a wedding planner and be done with it is the motto of any sane and sensible person. Of course the opposite works too. Many brides and their mothers or family that constantly change their minds drives even the wedding planners crazy. And another major aspect in a wedding is the budget. It is often found that the total cost of a wedding far surpasses its original budget. And this may be due to a variety of reasons but two of the most common ones are clothing and jewellery. A person may end up buying much more than he bargained for and have no clue as to how he ended up buying more. This is often witnessed in the purchase of jewellery. Indian bridal jewellery is considered to be the best and bridal jewellery sets in Jaipur, in particular are extremely well made.

Jaipur is most famous for its several signature collections and people often flock to Jaipur to have a taste of the ethnic and royal. Bridal jewellery in India will never lose its market, as India is a country steeped in tradition. Gold, diamonds and other precious stones are necessary in any Indian wedding and the more the better. Jaipur is famous for its precious stones and the beautiful craftsmanship involved in making jewellery as this is a task only for the most dextrous and nimble fingers.


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