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What Are The Four Elder Guardians In PoE?

In Path of Exile, the Elder Guardians are the four bosses of The Elder. There are the four guardians: The Eradicator, The Constrictor, The Purifier, The Enslaver. All guardians replace the map boss when entering the boss arena or area, having enough chaos orbs poe is important for you. Running guardian occupied maps will remove Elder influence for that map on the atlas.

Once all guardians are run, Elder is able to be faced. The area you'll find the guardians in aren't predetermined before entering a map, meaning you can do a map several times to try to get the area you want as long as you don't kill the guardian. Facing the Elder will change all Elder influence on the atlas over to Shaper influence.

1) The Eradicator: the first sequence goes until you bring the Eradicator down to 60% health. He then turns invulnerable for a few seconds as a large AoE blast hits the field. The Elder comes back into the field and pulls you into Stage 2. The arena is a circle with a central square column to block view, the column is surrounded by several pillars of electricity similar to stage 1. The Eradicator will use the same set of skills as stage 1 until you defeat him.

2) The Constrictor: Arena is an open area. The Constrictor has several attacks and spells that deal cold/poison/and physical damage. A Frost Bomb effect in the shape of a flower that will explode after one pulse cycle of cold damage. A short charging cycle that follows with a barrage with a fanning spread until they converge on a single spot.

3) The Purifier: The Purifier deals purely physical damage. IC works wonders. He has no adds. Run behind him when he jumps in the air and always run away from his beams. Otherwise, just have ways to mitigate phys or run very fast, or you're gonna get hurt real bad. This is the simplest Guardian.

4) The Enslaver: deals partially phys, partially fire. The fire damage deals very powerful ignites. Bring flasks with ignite removal - bismuth/stibnite/aquamarine with +charges/-% charges used and ignite removal alongside regular use of IC can make him easy. His melee attacks are pure phys, so if you have a lot of phys reduction/armour, get up close and get his AI to fistfight you rather than spew fire.

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