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What are the materials and types for promotional key chains?

If you run a company or business, you can utilize the potential of promotional keychains for promoting your brand. The cost-effectiveness of keychain makes it affordable for all types of business irrespective of the size. You can get the right logo keychain in bulk for you at an affordable price.


At Printland.in, there are keychains available in materials like plastic, metal, leather, and wood. Depending on your targeted audience, you can choose the right material for your promotional purpose. The durability of promotional keychains directly depends on its material type. It is suggested to choose appropriate material that may meet the purpose of your business marketing. For high-end users, metallic keychains can be used. The name and logo of the company are printed on keychains so that your company can be promoted. For this, you can get logo keychains in bulk.


There are keychains available in different shapes like oval, heart-shaped, rectangular, and round. You can select the appropriate shape for your keychain with company name tag. Thus, you get a wide variety of keychains if you buy it from here. As we deliver promotional keychains across India irrespective of the location, you can order your requirement from any place. We deliver items in just one or two weeks depending upon your location and quantity. We are capable of providing you keychains in bulk in time to prevent you from waiting for your promotional item. We know the value of your time for your business.


Along with just regular promotional keychains in different shapes and materials, we provide exclusive keychains too that perform multifunction. Such keychains are Swiss knife, car charger, and data cable keychain. You can imprint the name and logo of your company on keychains. The details of your business are either imprinted or engraved depending upon the material of your keychain. On the colorful metal keychain, the name of the company is engraved using laser technology. This way, metal keychains promote your business for years. Engraving does not last like digital printing even after years.

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