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What is a 2G 3G Mobile Phone Network Signal Booster?

A mobile signal booster is a device which is used to boost the weak cellular signals and multiply it upto 32 times and then re-broadcasts the boosted signal into that area. The mobile signal boosters are installed into houses, vehicles, offices, etc. to amplify the signal strength of the cellular networks used by people.


A Network Signal Booster for 2G 3G Mobile Phone is basically a repeater system that has an  amplifier multiplying or helping the receptors to gain power in various directions.    Even in the case of a cheap cell phone signal booster, the maximum gain differs by application.

The primary objective of the cellular phone signal booster is taking the existing cell phone signal around your car, office, workstation or home and amplifying it. After amplification, the signal is re-broadcasted to the area with no reception or weak signal. Apart from consisting of an amplifier to boost the reception, external antenna and internal antenna, there're cell phone boosters with indoor antenna and amplifier as a single unit making them superb indoor cell phone signal boosters. In most cases the three components are detached.


There are certain areas in our houses which are less receptive of the cellular signals. Also, while travelling you might receive good signals around some areas and lose signals entirely in the others.


Now, how does a mobile signal booster strengthens the signals in a low receptive area?


Let us begin with taking a glimpse of the components of the booster. The mobile signal booster comprises of three basic components: exterior antenna, amplifier, and interior antenna. These elements combine together to form a system to build mobile signal reception. Additionally, the other components of the booster include the Attenuator (reduces unwanted frequency signals), Lightning Surge Protector, Splitter and Tap.

The work of an outside antenna is to both receive and transmit signal to a cellular tower with enhanced power and sensitivity. Usually the dB gain is never below 7 dB and can be over 10 dB gain. The system's elements conduit is the coaxial cable. It is also a factor in transmission loss.

The mobile signal boosters are brought into use in places where the signal strength is low. The reason for a disruptive signal strength could be trees, broken network towers in the vicinity, construction sites blocking the signal passage, etc.


Now, coming back to the initial question, how exactly does a booster work?

The signal boosting process begins with the cell phone reception being captured by the outside antenna. The received signal is then amplified by the cellular repeater (mobile signal booster) and is re-broadcasted across the building or car through the inside antenna.

This results in a boosted cell phone reception that results in more bars in your phone even in the remotest of places. Thus, allowing you to receive clearer calls, without having them dropped again and again. Not just calls, the mobile network booster boosts your overall network which includes internet browsing and rapid data downloads and uploads.  This is how a typical mobile signal booster works in the car or house.

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