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In recent years, or even decades, a range of activities have emerged that seek a common goal: "to be in shape".

Thus, activities such as aerobics, jogging, or bodybuilding , were those that could be distinguished as those that promoted fitness.

SchoolFitness Good Habits

This could be the most general definition of Fitness. As a last resort, we consider that the highlighted milestone would not be other than achieving well-being.
Fitness as a way of life
In this scenario, the person is the one who will determine if he or she is truly committed. And it's where another relevant term appears: aptitude.

Fitness is much more than simply exercising consistently. Fitness has a variety of components and there are many ways to measure it.

From taking care of your diet, be interested in the most relevant news about training. Or include supplements in your diet that help reinforce and avoid any nutritional deficiencies.

All these are unequivocal signs of the commitment that the person acquires with sport as a means to guarantee a healthy life.

When talking about fitness, we must include the state of wellbeing that is defined as a state that describes the existence of a positive health in the individual exemplified by the quality of life and a sense of well-being

Fitness to Stay Healthy

Nobody escapes that the remedy will be better than the disease. Why not put this concept into practice?

Promoting Fitness is promoting health. Maintaining a sporting life and healthy habits contrasts with the development of certain pathologies or diseases.

However, poor health can occur even in highly fit people due to factors beyond personal control. Such as hereditary conditions or conditions caused by bacterial / viral infections.

SAME and health benefits

Inactivity is a risk factor for se

veral diseases such as those of coronary origin, diabetes, metabolic syndrome , hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

These are just examples that confirm that regular exercise or maintaining a Fitness lifestyle, represents an important factor in the prevention against diseases , which are more often associated with death in industrialized countries.

Fitness today

Thanks to the era of knowledge and the ability to expand, new niches related to sport have emerged.

These seek to promote the care of oneself, through activities that on the one hand are compatible with a standard day of any citizen, and at the same time allow, precisely, to achieve that coveted state of form.

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