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Plato stated that music could be defined as moral law in that it gives:

· Soul to the whole universe

· Wings to the mind

· Flight to the imagination

· Charm and gaiety to life and to everything

Plato was the pioneer of education and even he understood that music is a vital aspect of life and I couldn’t agree more. In fact, am confident enough to say that you agree with Plato and me as well. How do I figure?

Simple, is there a song that reminds you of a loved one and even though they may be far or gone, it makes you feel like they are right there with you? Is there one that seems to give you the strength to face anything? I could go on and on but you get the picture, don’t you? Now imagine that your favorite song was sung by your little adorable son, daughter, niece, nephew, godchild et cetera, while he or she played the guitar; you’d love it, even more, wouldn’t you?

Just as Pablo Picasso put it, “Everything you imagine is real,” and getting them a Toy Guitar is the first step into turning that imagination into a reality. Most children if not all enjoy music from an early age, and you can tell this from the telltale signs such as clapping, shaking their heads, mimicking musicians etc. when certain songs play and a toy guitar will be just the right tool to make these experiences a more memorable touch.

So what is a Toy Guitar?

To simply put it, a toy guitar is a miniature replica of a guitar with a splash of child-like features that may include:

· Bright colors and animations

· Drum beat, applause and laughter buttons

· Play popular infant and preschool tunes

· Built in shoulder straps

· A toy mike among many more other features

It goes without saying that it is your responsibility as a parent or a guardian to ensure that your child’s musical side grows with them as they grow. Most parents opt for music lessons only, which tend to be a bit serious and will eventually seem more like a duty than a hobby to your child. However, when you couple this with a toy guitar you get more rewarding results.

What are the advantages of getting your child a toy guitar?

· For starters, the toy guitar creates a fun environment; your child still gets to enjoy their childhood as they learn.

· The toy guitar broadens your child’s imagination by giving him/her a sense of individuality; this makes him/her more open to what the world has to offer and helps him/her understand himself/herself earlier and better.

· It betters your child’s social skills and makes them less shy and more outgoing; he/she could even start a child band with friends.

· Additionally, the toy guitar helps improve your child’s left and right hands coordination.

· That development in the moving of your child’s hands in synchrony trains their left and right brain.

· Since your child will have fun playing with the toy guitar, chances are high they will like the guitar and will want to continue playing even when they grow up.

From what age can my child have a toy guitar?

This will depend on the make of the toy guitar as some guitars are designed to be used by children from as young as 36 months.

Is there an age limit to the toy guitar?

Similarly, this also depends on the kind of toy guitar as some may be recommended for children aged 2-4 while others may have a recommendation that states 36 months -10 years of age.

The toy guitar is not just a toy but an affordable investment in your child, now you know.

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