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Who is Seqimco Investment Company and what do they do?

Now that Debt Infrastructure is hot, people in business are looking for a company to guide your investments. There are many offering this type of service but since you deserve only the best; why not contact Seqimco Investment Company? This is a London-based specialist investment management company that has proven its worth in the field for years.

Seqimco Investment Company

Seqimco has continually provided its clients with the best customized advice, asset management and solutions in the field of infrastructure debt. The company is listed as FTSE 250 in the London Stock Exchange index. The main focus of the funding are selected and subordinated senior debt exposures from economic infrastructure projects, companies and special purpose vehicle.

Why choose Seqimco?

Besides offering their investors only the most expert of advice in all things of investing, Sequoia is world renowned for being a company that has worked for many years in the global capital and top money markets of the world. These markets include but are not limited to London, New York, Tokyo and Amsterdam. They have years of experience and can be trusted with any investment question, from large to small investments.

Excellent service from excellent staff

To fulfill its goal of delivering only top risk-adjusted returns to their investors, they are very meticulous in hiring their staff. Excellent service is provided by Sequoia’s directors who are experienced and seasoned capital markets and investment professionals. With their experience of 20-25 years, Sequoia's Directors are seasoned investment and capital markets professionals. They have worked in the global capital and money markets of London, New York, Tokyo and Amsterdam.


Simply being the best in terms of an investment consulting firm is not enough, which is why Sequoia has worked so hard to build a specific investment strategy to provide their investors at investing within the infrastructure debt fund class.  They offer unique perspectives that are designed specially to help you get the most out of your infrastructure investments.


Sequoia implements their planned strategy in a variety of ways. In the most simplified of forms, the Sequoia infrastructure investment plan includes an increase in the raising of capital that is allotted to invest in infrastructure debt as well as to pooled investment funds and in particular, individual managed accounts. These increased investments are accomplished through a variety of forms and formats, include LP interests and rated listed notes. By providing these to all their investors, Sequoia takes a unique position in that they are able to offer many unique and original investment opportunities that other investment consulting companies simply cannot match.

Strict investment criteria

Sequoia employs strict criteria for selecting infrastructure debt investments. They conduct from bottom to up analysis of the asset quality of every project, evaluate capital structure, investigate covenants and study closely transaction documents. Borrowers, loan seekers and the agent bank are interviewed following strict investment criteria. Each one is rated using its Model for Infrastructure Credit and the judgment of their Investment Committee.

Be on the winning team

Win-win solutions in debt infrastructure from Seqimco are your best option in the competitive world.


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