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Why it Makes Sense To Shop With an EMI Card

Thinking of buying any consumer durables or even necessary household items like furniture? Thinking of purchasing your desired gadgets or appliances? You may not be willing to plonk down the entire price of any item right away. Sometimes, it makes sense to opt for EMI finance while purchasing any such item instead of paying a considerable sum of money right away. Now, when it comes to the EMI network, you may be worried about paying huge interest charges and processing fees. As a result, you may shy away from taking a loan since you do not want to pay h huge monthly EMIs which may eat into your net monthly income as well.

However, gone are the days when taking loans for consumer durables, gadgets and other items proved to be expensive propositions. It depends on the kind of strategy you are following. The EMI Card is one tool that will stand you in good stead. This card can be availed by paying a one-time fee and functions like a pre-approved loan of sorts. This comes in really handy whenever you wish to purchase something without having to use a credit card or take a conventional loan with interest.

Why is This Advantageous?

This is majorly because of the fact that the EMI card operates on the basis of a no cost EMI plan. This plan is the biggest USP of the card and will give you unexpected benefits at all times. Taking the EMI without credit cards is anyway going to help you avoid steep interest costs which are otherwise hard to avoid in case of any consumer loan that you take directly from any financial institution or with your credit card. Credit card bills can rise up to astounding heights due to huge interest costs. Also, regular consumer durable loans can often be expensive keeping in mind your monthly budget. The EMIs may often be expensive since interest and other charges are factored into the same. You will also have to make a down payment at times in this case to the retailer.

The EMI card works in a completely different manner. Your retail EMI card is itself a pre-approved loan which you can avail with minimal documentation. Getting consumer finance was never easier! The best part is that this consumer durable loan comes without any added charges or costs. This simply means that you only repay the principal amount without having to pay any extra amount as interest. This cuts out a huge chunk of monthly EMIs that you would have had to pay otherwise. Additionally, there are no processing fees or other similar charges that add up to regular loan costs. There is also no down payment that you have to fork out immediately.

Shopping With an EMI Card

As a result, shopping with your retail EMI card promises to be a more fulfilling experience. You can simply repay the original amount in easy monthly installments without any extra charges. Neither do you have to worry about applying for personal/consumer finance at any time since you can use your card to buy items across multiple categories with minimal paperwork. This proves to be a huge boon for all customers in multiple income groups.

Eyeing a new gadget or a new furniture item for the house? Want to revamp your wardrobe? Require a new appliance immediately? Whatever be your need, this card is here to facilitate online purchases in a hassle free and smooth manner.  

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