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Windows 7 one product key for multiple computers

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 build can tie licenses to your online account

※ Download: Windows 7 one product key for multiple computers

If the system is booted up with significant hardware changes, the application will likely require reactivation to prevent the same copy of the program being installed on two different systems. I had a pirated Win 7, and about time Win 8 came out there was this Microsoft action- I paid about 50 usd and they sent me a product key and ever after Microsoft servers recognized me as a legal user.

windows 7 one product key for multiple computers

Now, can this edition be used as you described or does one need an installer version that was released after November 2016 or 2015? Right now, you could reinstall Windows 7 or 8. Here is the official text: d.

windows 7 one product key for multiple computers

Change your Office product key - This method does not inform Microsoft Activation Servers the license is no longer in use on the machine; instead, it will avoid conflicts down the road if Microsoft Activation Servers were to detect the license in use on more than one system. It can be performed either over the or by.

windows 7 one product key for multiple computers

The old computer is still active. Can I re-install on my new computer? Will it recognize and allow me to use the product key? Become a and go ad-free! That means you plan to stop using the package on the old machine, and start using it on the new. No problems, no conflicts, and no questions. In practice things get just a little grayer than that, though. Some software publishers have license agreements that state you may install on a certain number of machines as long as only one is in use at any time. Others allow you to make a single copy of the software as a. For Microsoft Office specifically, I was lead to believe some time ago that one could install it on up to three machines for personal use. You may not need all the latest and greatest features, so why pay for them? Besides being free, the software is compatible with current Microsoft products, and quite good. Better to pick one version and stick with it. Installing or reinstalling is a problem without it. Info passed along by a friend: One thing to be very careful when moving a copy from one machine to another is to uninstall it on the old machine before you re-install it. My understanding is this can be a pretty complicated issue. These are the best of my recollections from installing it at work and at home several times. The regular microsoft office 2003 retail version can be installed on two machines, a desktop and a portable laptop machine. This is also true for for the free version many folks received several months ago when it first came out. Vague recollection: When you first use it you have to activate it. This basically phones home through the internet. On the 3rd activation, it will not activate and says you can call a toll free number to activate. When you call, if you say you moved it from one machine to another they will allow this. They will ask if you uninstalled it from one of the old computers, for which you will have to tell them yes. The student and teacher version of microsoft office 2003 can be installed on three machines. The OEM version of microsoft office 2003 can only be used on the computer it was purchased for or came preinstalled on. If it is activated on that machine and you try to install it on another machine, you will have to call the toll free activation number. Again, these are my best recollections and I would like anyone who knows better to add another comment below! MY NEW LAPTOP CAME WITH THE TRIAL VERSION. I ASKED MS IF I COULD ALSO INSTALL IT ON MY HOME DESKTOP. MS REPLIED THAT IN THE CASE OF A RETAIL PURCHASE OF OFFICE 2 INSTALLATIONS ARE PERMITTED FOR HOME USE. Does anyone know if there is a difference in the amount of computers that the professional edition of office 2003 can be installed on. I need to install on 3 desktop computers possibily 4 and need to know the best route to take. I need the professional edition either way for publisher and Info Note… Anyone??? Thanks, John Regarding the Office Professional: As long as it is a RETAIL version — has a cardboard box and is NOT an OEM version included with the purchase of a new computer and has no retail box and manual — you may copy it on only TWO machines only. The intention was to allow desktop users to also use the software on their portable or notebook computer. In which case, the software would only be used on one machine at a time. If you are looking to install the software in a small business or home on multiple computers, you must purchase a copy for each. First we need to what version of office are we talking about…. Office Xp and Office 2003. Then we have different types of licenses for each version. The type of licenses are: 1 Reatil 2 OEM 3 Students and Teachers License. For Reatil license of both versions office can be installed on One Desktop and One portable computer within the Household. This copy of software is transferable from computer to other. OEM copies of softwares are ones which come preinstalled with the computer and these softwares are meant for the parent computers only…and these cannot be transferred to any other computer. Studets nad teachers license of Office Xp can be installed on only one computer in a household however thses can be transerred from one computer to the other. Students and Teachers license of Office 2003 can be installed on 3 computers in a household and there is condition of being a Desktop or a portable computer. Thses are also transferable. My search led me here. I understand this thread is about 8 yrs old however the topic is still alive. Specifically, WordArt and MS Picture Manager were gone. However it works which is exactly what count, and fits my budget. Not that MS cares about my budget. If it says your product key has been used too many times, it should also list an option to activate the product over the phone. Call them, explain that this installation is being done because of a computer crash and it is NOT being installed on a new computer, and tell them your product key — then enter the loooooooong number they read off to you and continue with the activation process keep them on the phone until it is actually activated. How do I know this? About once a year I have to call them up and phone register my copy. Annoyed at this routine, I once asked them why I had to keep calling. Some sites sell discs with keys for multi-licensed software, some sell pirated copies with the same activation key… and microsoft may wind up asking you many questions. You can install it on one machine plus 1 portable i. Perhaps someone who has the non-upgrade version can check it out and post here. Can I install a copy of Office 2007 on to the laptop, since I only use one computer at a time? RETAIL LICENSE TERMS These license terms are an agreement between Microsoft Corporation or based on where you live, one of its affiliates and you. They apply to the software that accompanies these license terms, which includes the media on which you received it, if any. The terms also apply to any Microsoft I too was wondering about this as I recently purchased a laptop, Office 2007 and McAfee for my college-bound son. I am ready to purchase the same laptop again for our home use because it was a great deal but did not want to buy the other add ons again. The McAfee allows it too. It depends on the license and how you bought Office. If you bought Office pre-installed on a PC, then it is OEM, and cannot be transferred to a new PC, even if you are scrapping the old PC same with Windows. If you bought a retail box, then you can install on a desktop and also a laptop as long as you are the only user of the software. If you get a new PC and remove Office from the old one, then you can take you license for office with you unlike OEM. I bought office 2007 and installed it onto my laptop. The terms of the licensing agreement state that the software can be installed on a portable device and a desktop, and the machine which the software is first installed onto is the licensed machine my laptop. Is it legal to now install office onto my desktop PC? Cheers My manager recently bought Office 07 not knowing that he can not use it for his business. He has 07 installed on the customer computer and wants to remove it, the question is, Do we still get to keep that license that was used to legally install it on the business computer. Thanks I have Office Small Business 2007 upgrade,3 user license, installed on three laptops at home. Can I re-load the Office Small Business 2007 upgrade on the new laptop. No swapping is possible. MSoffice2007to full version was converted via online payment and installation 3 days ago, I want to have it on a 2nd desktop if possible. Can be installed using same product key? If so, how do I do it? Or do I have to break down and call MS support? Does that mean I can no longer install it? Some Microsoft Office Word software you can download to three computers. Others you can only download to one computer. Read through the End User License Agreement and figure out whether your program is a FPP, a OEM, or MLK. FPP … 3 computers. OEM … 1 computer MLK … 1 computer … according to Hope this helps! Maybe I should open the disk and see what the disk copy of the EULA that came with 2003 says. What do you think? So correct that Microsoft themselves can not answer the question. I have been trying to get an answer for over two weeks now. Here is some of the fun I have had: 1 Asked numerous vendors only to get answers anywhere from 1 to 2. Wrote back and waited over a week, no reply. Wrote again threatening to escalate the problem. Got a reply the next day that said it depended on which Office 2007 product I had. According to the rep Home and Student can be loaded on three computers and the others only two. If I ever get anything concrete, in the form of a legal license agreement and not just a reps opinion I will try to get back to you. The best way to obtain the license agreement is to view it directly via their copy of the software, if it is loaded. To find it do the following: 1 click on the round Office button at the left top of the window 2 click on the???? Options button at the bottom right of this pop up window. I know it is not the easiest process but it is the most exact. Hope this helps everyone. MS is hyper-legalese prone. I will load my MSO software to 2…and sell the third use to a friend to off set my costs. I use one, my GF uses two…and my friend uses three. Hope this was helpful. Hope this was insightful enough to repay the discussion… Philip Bawa I have an academic version of windows office 2007? From this site I gather I can install it three times. First install well that computer died. Second install currently on a vista computer. Third install that hard drive died. I now have a new hard drive and the same mother board. HOw many of those instillations count? No problems with activating the product at all. This was just my experience and yours may be different but hope this helps… yes, I know that this violated licensing agreements with Microsoft I had a similar problem last year, my two daughters needed Microsoft Office on their laptops, their workload at school was increasing and it was no longer practicable to share my PC. I looked into it and discovered that Microsoft Office 2007 allows only one licence and that this would require activating online. If you fail to activate within a certain time it works with a reduced functionality. The other problem was that I would require more than one licence and the cost of the suite made this a no starter. Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote, ideal, because, thats all they needed, best of all only I see this article has caused a lot of confusion for people, for obvious reasons. Also, a different account is not considered a different computer, but a different partition is, even though the hardware is the same. If you are installing on your computer and a friends it is illegal. If you are installing on two computers that you own even if one or both belong to a family member in the same house it is actually legal. They asked if I hade MS Office on more than one machine. On confirming this they said licence was for only one machine, hence would not provide key. I read elsewhere that if not installed on more than one machine within a three month period it is not flagged, though I doubt this somehow. I havnt read all the comments, but I just spoke to MS Office customer service. They confirmed that all retail versions the ones bought from MS store or retail stores can be activated on 2 computers. For OEM MS Office versions — only one computer. I work at a catholic girls school. We allocate our girls with a netbook to use at school and take home. Are there versions or license types we can recommend for them? What are their options? We bought a new desktop from Dell here in Spain and the sales rep sold us Office 2010 on the basis that we could also install it on a laptop. We´ve been unsuccessful as it just tells us that the serial has already been used. We´ve had little help from Dell themselves. I heard that all office products should be able to be used on both, but does that depend on where it´s bought? Is it because we bought it through Dell themselves? I bought a Gateway in 2004 in which was installed MSFT Office Suite Small Business 2 disks. Instead, the new computer is a Lenovo. The two disks of Office Suite and its product key number are rejected and will not install in the new Lenovo. How can I workaround this problem. On my home iMac I have WinXP installed, and on that I have Office 2007. If I also wanted to add another virtual environment — in this case, Win7, and wanted to add Office 2007 on it as well, would it be kosher? Please help clarify this for me before I go breaking the law! Hi, I worked for a Govt office through 2013. At some point I installed Office Enterprise 2007 on my laptop which was provided by my employer. What does it mean and what should I do? I used this product in my home computer while I was working. My guess is the license issued to the govt office has expired. What should I do? Will I be able to keep all of my files on another version of Microsoft Office? Comments indicating you've not read the article will be removed. Start with search, at the top of the page. Off-topic comments will be removed. 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