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X-COM: UFO Defense 720p ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: X-COM: UFO Defense

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi



































Late in the 20th century, as end of the world paranoia reached it's peak, reports of UFO sightings, livestock mutilations, and alien abductions reached unprecendented highs. Investigations into these sighting revealed a startling truth: intelligent life does exist outside of Earth, but a group of them have come to Earth to enslave the human race. At first, each country tried to deal with the aliens in their own way, but found their technology sorely lacking. In December 1998, an emergency meeting of world leaders held a secret summit in Geneva to discuss solutions to the problem. What resulted was the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, designated X-Com, a multinational force, armed with the best technology Earth had to offer, the best scientists working in concert, and the best engineers the world over. This new force has just one purpose: Stop the alien threat, by any means necessary.
Because aliens are attempting to invade the Earth, you will have to command X-com, an international organisation to fight the alien invasion. By shooting down UFO's and recovering information from the crash sites, you can research alien technology.
X-Com is (summarized quickly) a strategy based game. Part Civilization, Part Dungeon & Dragons and with a pinch of movie influence. You start with selecting a base of operations any where in the world. Your base then has the ability to add hangers (for air deployment) living quarters (solider living) and the multitude of science parts necessary to continue the fight against the alien threat. The plot comes down to aliens are attacking and subverting earth. World leaders have gotten together and decide that they cannot defeat this foe individually and must team up. So culling the best of the best from every nation, soldier and scientist to wage a war (unknown to the public) against the alien threat. You start with 8 soldiers and can equip them with various "normal" Terran weapons: rifles, pistols, body armor and such. You also use a monthly funding to buy different/more resources and have scientists to research new/undiscovered technology. Eventually, after each successful encounter you can take alien technology for inspection and hopefully, use against them. The combat is a turn based event with each soldier allotted only so much time units to use. Each action uses time units: moving, reloading and attacking. Fog of war is very active, so a hostile can attack you without you knowing the exact location and can even wipe out several men at the beginning of a campaign if you aren't careful. The only reason I didn't give this game a 10 out of 10 is the fact that it is very daunting in difficulty for the uninitiated. You cannot pop in to this game and expect to win. You have to invest time and patience in it and you cannot have a trooper go "Rambo" and eliminate the enemy because your men also have a "sanity" meter. More deaths on the team can "break" a team member to drop his weapon and flee. The second worst thing is to be two "spaces" away from an adversary and have a soldier miss with his weapon. All troops gain experience so it works in your favor to keep your guys alive. Later in the game you can branch out with bases all over the world and have teams of individuals that have mech-type armor and can fire weapons that can level an entire building in one shot, (almost since the idea that buildings would collapse if the level below them is destroyed didn't make it into the game code.) Overall if you enjoy a science fiction game that has heavy doses of re-playability and you aren't turned off by games that require time then it would be in your best interest in trying to find a copy of it somewhere. You can easily slap in the sequel if you can't find the original but avoid anything after that. The shooter and Apocalypse are pale shadows of what this game is.
OK, this is probably one of the last comments ever written for 2006...we're only an hour away...well, enough about the new year, let's talk about X-com.

I have not picked up this game and played it since 2001, when i was 11 years old. here we are 6 years later. The whole story, is that several Species of aliens are attacking earth and causing trouble throughout the countries.

Meanwhile, you have to keep things running smoothly and smartly and keep good graces with the world's countries, building bases, planes, transports, and hiring soldiers and discovering various technologies. you've got 3 years (starting in 1999) to make a good impression and do something. but beware...if you're not good enough, the various countries might just bail on you and join the aliens. can you hold this together?

I first began playing this game when i was either 9 or 10. It was my life for a while. i loved it. Even though i sucked at it, i knew how to play and i was having various amounts of fun. the demo version is just about anywhere, but you might have better luck and possibly the real deal on Amazon.com.

It's got sweet music, Not-so-random names (I once had a guy named peter parker) and awesome gameplay. for it's MS-DOS look and graphics, i recommend this anyways.




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